Rolygons The Flat 3-in-1 Measuring Scoops
Project Description:

The origami-like flat 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon, to fit your cooking and baking needs!

Does your kitchen drawer look like this?

The average tablespoon set comes with 4 different sizes tethered to each other with a ring, and if these spoons get untethered, you can kiss finding the one you need goodbye. 

...and we're being lenient. Those are 5 of the regular spoon sizes pictured against 8 of ours :)

With Polygons, you are able to find the size you need in seconds, without searching through all of your drawers. Plus, the spoon lays completely flat until you need to use it.

When designing Polygons, we wanted to focus on making our product not only durable but also better for the environment than traditional measuring spoons.  

The hinges of Polygons are made of TPR, which have the property of being able to flex a 100,000 cycles without failure. This means, even if you were to use it 25 times a day, every day, the hinges would outlast 10 years!

Additionally, by using the 4-in-1 design, Polygons is eliminating the need for excess plastic and metals that traditional measuring spoons use.

The materials we use to create Polygons ensure all ingredients fall off the spoon with little effort. They ensure that the ingredients you use do not stain or stink up your Polygons measuring spoons.

(The images showing the folded spoon resting in place without being held by a hand, are staged photographs... But we see that people want some facility to be able to hold the shape in place without having to hold it, and we're working on it!)

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Last Online:2016/12/20 San Diego ,US